For the people who don’t think International Women’s Day is important.

International Women’s Day: the day in which women are supported by the people who believe in wholeheartedly in equality. The day where fantastic women throughout the ages are praised and recognised, and the day where all women across the world can feel loved and appreciated by others.
Unfortunately, the ignorant percent of the population will say how ‘unnecessary’ and ‘pointless’ this day is, and how there isn’t a day like this for men.
It is for these people that I write this post.
From a young age, most children are given one of two toys depending on their biological gender. Girls are given toy babies to look after, and boys are given toy cars. Girls are given kitchen sets, whilst boys are given a football. Now, obviously not every child has been given these exact toys, but most were. Girls are dressed in pink clothing, boys are dressed in blue. It’s been a tactic throughout history to ensure that these genders grow up to be how they are expected to be. The women are brought up to look after children and cook, whilst the men are brought up to play sports and be more independent.
200,000 years ago, when humans were first known to the world – as we know them now to be – women were treated almost fairly. Anthropologists believe that both men and women were made to hunt and look after themselves, and promiscuity was almost encouraged between the two. But as time moved on, in more dangerous environments, men’s strength would become a basis to the patriarchal society that we live in today.
Now, let’s fast-forward to the Medieval Age where women were taught to that they were to do whatever a man said, and to be the one to take care of the man and the family which they create. The man would do the work, the women would stay at home. Sound familiar? Maybe you’ve heard of this type of family before?
Throughout history this has been the basis of family life, up until recent dates. Women had no rights within society, bowing down to anything and everything a man decides. Does this sound fair to you? If so, read on. Men would be allowed to fuck other women with no punishment or no judgement. If women were to do that, they would be shunned and looked down on by society.
As we lead into the 1800’s, women were no longer seen as needed for economical value – less so, anyway, than previous years. They were seen as emotional puppets. They were seen as care-givers and men wanted to love women more than they did lust them. They wanted a pure woman to love and give everything to, not a woman who desired sex or anything of that forte. God forbid a woman wanted to fuck another man. No, no! Just unacceptable.
Finally, in the 1920’s women were given the vote. How lucky were are, that men finally gave us some more rights! After this period, women were allowed to divorce their husbands on the same grounds that men were allowed beforehand. Women began to rebel against gender norms and embrace their sexuality. When the first pill was ever invented, women were finally allowed to have sex when they wanted it – not strictly for child-bearing purposes. Later this century, women were given equal pay, and equal rights and abortion became legal. Women began to enroll in universities that were typically governed by men, more so than ever before in history.
As time goes on, and we move towards the 21st century, women took control of their sexuality. They began to support each other even more so than ever before! Porn became acceptable, and there were TV shows surrounding the lives of sexy, single, successful women (Sex and the City). In 2010, women make up for the majority of the workforce throughout the world. In the years leading up to now, women have given so much to our world, and they deserve appreciation.
And I haven’t even touched upon sexism between different races and religion.
Women have been seen as the weaker sex for too many years. Even still, you will get men telling women what they can and cannot do, and what they can and cannot wear. Even still, in the government, it is almost entirely male dominated. Even still, some men see women as a gift to them to do with what they want – think of how many women are catcalled and shouted at abusively by men every single fucking day. Even still, women in the Eastern countries are being treated how the women in the Western countries were hundreds of years ago.
Women are not marionettes for the males to pluck and pull in whatever way they choose to. We are human too. We deserve equality. After years of being fucked about in a patriarchal world, women are finally beginning to get what they deserve. Only by the fact that we had to fight for these rights that we hold today.
So, on this brilliant day, support women. Support your grandmothers, mothers, sisters, cousins, girlfriends, and friends, and every other woman in your life, and support the equality in which all the beautiful women in the world strive for every day of their lives.

These are just a handful of important women throughout the ages:
Rosa Parks.
Emmeline Pankhurst.
Josephine Baker.
Malala Yousafzai.
Valentina Tereshkova.
Frida Khalo.
Elizabeth I.
Edith Cavell.
Coco Chanel.
Marie Curie.




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