Be a good samaritan

Dealing with mental health issues and complications can be extremely hard just on its own, and what can make dealing with it even harder is the way people react to these issues, and to the person suffering. Over 100 years ago, health professionals used to believe that these sufferers were insane and that they would be treated easily by the use of electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) or lobotomy, and the stigma of a mental health patient is that they are a ‘lunatic’ or ‘insane’. These days, health professionals use less dangerous treatments on these sufferers – prescription drugs and cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). However, unfortunately, the stigma revolving around psychological disorders still is significant in our modern world.
It may be easier to go to a doctors surgery and speak to an understanding health professional about it, but stepping out of the doctors surgery is a different story. Social media websites, such as Twitter and Facebook, were created to connect with friends and people from the past, but they were also created to express how you are feeling or what you have done that day. Though, I have often seen people be put down on these sites saying that they ‘shouldn’t post this sort of thing online’, when they talk about feeling sad or anxious or just that they need somebody to talk to. When in reality, a lot of the time, these people don’t want attention – they just want somewhere to express their emotions. A lot of people don’t want to hear negativity coming from others, and will shy away from the chance to help or support the people that are going through a bad time – some even bully or make fun of others for it, making their situation even worse. But, is this how we want people to feel? That they have no place to vent or to convey their emotions? To let it all build up inside?
In reading this, you may think that you know no-one with any mental heath issues. You may think that you do not even know what falls under the category of psychological disorders. As one in four people have at least one disorder, it is important to keep yourself educated, and be able to support others and look out for people who may have them. These are just two websites which may help in understanding:

Symptoms & Treatments of Mental Disorders

If you do see a person feeling down online, give them a message to show that you care. Or if you see a person in ‘real life’ then just go up to them and have a conversation. Give them a hug, plan something special and personal with them, even going for a coffee or to the cinema could help! If they don’t feel able to go out, then take a movie round to theirs and spend time with them just watching it. To make a person feel less alone, it doesn’t cost a fortune – it only costs your time.
Having dealt with mental health disorders myself, from my own personal experience all I can say is thank you to those people who were there for me and listened to me when nobody else would be there or listen. At the bottom I have linked an artist who’s music helps me whenever I feel low, anxious, or just overwhelmed.
To those suffering, remember that you are not alone and that there will always be somebody there to help or to listen to you, and these people can be those that you least expect. Never feel like it’s your fault that you feel like this or are in this particular situation because of something that you’ve done. You don’t deserve this, no matter what may have happened in the past. You are beautiful, no matter the size of your waste or the shape of your body. Also, remember that it is perfectly ok to cry or to break down every once in a while. We are all human and we all need to express our emotions, and sometimes letting the tears flow is for the best! Don’t ever feel ashamed for that, for any of it! If you do feel that maybe your feelings are becoming too much, it may be best to call a doctor for an appointment, or to call a close friend or family member, or even the Samaritans 116 123. Just don’t go through this on your own!
Even if you can’t empathise, you can still sympathise. So, thank you to those who DO help others! You are the best kind of people, your hearts are kind, and you are appreciated!




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