Be kind

Love one another.

The world around is dying and we don’t have time to bother with the little things like how you found out your new bestie at university supports the opposing football team (for some reason that means you can’t be friends??) and how that girl in your class called Rachel wears the same dress as you in Maths (how dare she like the same colour and style dress as you? You’re the only one allowed to be unique and edgy!!).

When you look at a person, it’s natural to take in their appearance. Appreciate their appearance. So, they’re of a different skin colour and wearing a hijab. What do you do? Do you discriminate against them and act aggressively, or talk to their soul like you do with every other person that you come across? So, he’s wearing a cross and priest vestments. Do you swear loudly and curse at him for his beliefs, or do you talk to him anyway? So, her and her girlfriend walk past and smile at you. Do you laugh in their faces maliciously at their chosen relationship, or do you smile back in a kind manner? There’s two ways to react around people who aren’t like you. Only one of those ways is acceptable.

There is a disaster created by human hands every DAY of the year. Yes, even on Christmas Day blood is shed (shock-horror!). Why do we need to create even more unhappiness, in this already unhappy world, by picking on someone for such trivial things? Diversity is beautiful and we should all celebrate how different we all are!

Smile at the postman. Smile at the bus driver. Smile at the shop assistant. Stop to converse with them. They could be having a terrible morning and just a short, friendly conversation could change their perspective around. Appreciate the world around you the way it naturally is. The way the leaves fall off in Autumn and new leaves and plants are grown in Spring. New life. The sound of silence when you sit down just to admire the way Mother Nature has created such a perfect haven for us to live in. Looking at the animals fighting their own daily battle, not disturbing them or hurting them, but instead helping them. Treating the world and it’s living children equally.

“As the cloud breaks in the immeasurable sky,

A light shines down on to the earth

Giving the world a glimpse of hope through the darkness.

Some people are snug in their beds with their children, lovers or friends.

Others are still awake; stressed, depressed and alone.

Even more people are lying in the streets – cold, and even more lonesome.

Animals roam around trying to find a place of comfort

To soothe their daily wounds,

Or to find some leftover food to feed their kin.

Packs of wolves digging in to what is their new dinner

  • Fresh blood-filled thick meat.

Sad green eyes of theirs, sparkling in the moonlight.

Claws and canines covered in blood from their meal.

Lovers romp around, endlessly.

As if the moon and they were just one being.

The moonlight looking down on them like an adoring parent,

Proud of their offspring.

It seems to be that the events of the previous nights do not continue on to day.

A secret on one’s lips – seen by only the surrounding nature and the stars of the night’s sky.’


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