The world, in my eyes

The people of the world are glorifying the talented stars of the present and the past. Idealising the famous, and falling in love with boy bands. “I want a bum like Kim Kardashian and a waist like Nicki Minaj” “I want to be as thin as Kate Moss so I can be beautiful enough to impress that boy that I like” are thoughts I know many girls have expressed. They’re beautiful women, that’s something I cannot deny. Don’t idealise them when you have yourself to idealise. The skin that comes over your too-small jeans. The hip bones that stick out prominently. Your crooked teeth and your chubby cheeks. These are flaws in your eyes, but beauty in another’s. These flaws were created by the media telling you what looks attractive and what doesn’t, who chase after singers and actors, invading their lives just so they can get some ‘juicy gossip’ and earn money to feed their own family. Instead of caring so much about their ever so important lives, we need to start caring more about our own lives, the people in them and the most beautiful, dying thing around us – this magnificent world. Forget that boy or girl who doesn’t think you’re good enough. That random person you have sex with one night just to feel some kind of gratification and importance for just a couple of hours, for them to just leave in the morning without a word of significance. That boyfriend or girlfriend who left you for someone they think is better, or swear that the mistake they made with someone last night was just a mistake because they were drunk. The parents that abandoned you at a young age and make excuses later on. They are not people you want to cut your hair or wear something special to impress. You cut your hair and wear that special clothing to impress yourself. To look in the mirror and say “Wow, I look fucking good today”, and walk around with a smile on your face. Love yourself the way you are, ‘warts and all’. Care for the people in your lives that make you feel special, and smile that beautiful smile at the strangers passing by who may be facing a battle in that very moment. A kind gesture could brighten their day and turn that rain over their heads, in to sun. The homeless man in the street is homeless for a reason – yes, that’s clear, that’s already established, but it’s how you talk to them and treat them that reflects on what you deserve in return. Kiss your love passionately and touch every inch of their body like you’re a blind person feeling brail, try to understand them. Stay up for hours with your friends and family talking about their lives and learning what they love and hate, and remind them of how much you love them and appreciate them. Lastly, that magnificent world I mentioned. The world around us. The ground we walk on under the concrete and carpets in our homes. The sight around the shopping centres, houses and cinemas. The green grass in our gardens and countryside’s that are slowly becoming less and less green and more and more grey, red or brown – brick shaped. The lakes where the white swans and ducks swim above, and the fish that swim below. The sky our planes fly through at every minute of every day of every year. We pull flowers out of the soil and kill them, yet give them to our loved ones to show appreciation and love. That’s irony. That’s only one example of how we are slowly killing the world with our own selfishness. The ice caps are melting leaving the polar bears with no food, yet we only care about what’s happening in Keeping Up with the Kardashian’s, or what the next series of Game of Thrones will bring to our television screens. Innocent humans are dying because of our wanting for money, wealth and power. Those 3 things are only temporary while we are causing permanent damage without the bat of an eyelid from our ‘great’ Prime Minister David Cameron while he spews bullshit and bullshit about how he will change our country, and in order to change our country he need to show an excess of compassion, and this is compassion he doesn’t have to show. As well as the other world leaders. Why throw around hatred and not throw around love even more? Why discriminate against a person for their race and gender? Instead we should love them for it because that’s what makes that person individually beautiful.
We are given one world. One perfect world where we can breath without wearing a space helmet and walk on the ground without floating away, burning our feet or drowning. We are given plenty of resources but because of our greed we are running out of them. Fast. We’re stealing the lives of animals for our own pleasure and killing the nature around us because we think it’s morally ok, and, of course, we’re humans so we just MUST be right. Right?



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